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Individual Portraits (Outdoors)



Select your location.

I love coming up with new ideas and experiences for my customers. Always looking up for new locations and spots to shoot original and distinctive images.



Select your time of the day.

Natural light or flash light? I love both, and of course the outcome is completely different depending on whether your shoot is happening during day time or night time.



Pick your favorite outfit.

The color you love, style, comfort, accessories and props, should be chosen by considering the location, the overall theme or mood of the shoot, the season, the weather. All these help create impactful images!

LUMIEREINTERIEUREAugust 28, 2022-92.jpg

Your life, your movie.

A great portrait is a powerful asset that can help you make a great first impression, stand out from the crowd, and convey a sense of professionalism. But not all portraits are created equal. To create a portrait that truly captures your unique qualities and presents you in the best possible light, you need a professional photographer.

One that expresses a deep reasoning pleasure of delivering high-quality, visually stunning portraits that showcase your personality and style. I also have the expertise and equipment to create images that are well-lit, in focus, and properly composed, ensuring that your portrait stands out from the rest.

Whether you're using your portrait for personal or business purposes, I understand the importance of creating a visual representation of yourself that accurately reflects your brand and personality. That's why we work closely together to understand your goals and vision, and collaborate with you to create a portrait that meets your unique needs.

Investing in a professional portrait can really boost your self-confidence and help you achieve your personal or professional goals. And I am here to help you turn that investment into a success. Contact me today to schedule your portrait session and experience the difference that a professional photographer can make!


Breathe life into your character.

When it comes to cosplay photography, hiring a professional photographer can be an excellent investment.


A skilled photographer can capture the intricate details and craftsmanship of your costume, as well as the character you are portraying.


When hiring a photographer for cosplay photography, it's important to find someone who has experience in this specific genre.


Look for someone who has a portfolio of similar work and understands the nuances of shooting in different lighting conditions and environments.


It's also important to discuss your expectations with the photographer beforehand, including the types of shots you're looking for and any specific poses or expressions you want to capture.


With the right photographer, you can create stunning and memorable images that showcase your cosplay in the best possible light.

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