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Relax! You can showcase your activity on a One page fits all kind of website!

"One Page"

Relax! You can showcase your activity on a One page fits all kind of website!


"Tailor Made"

Let's create a whole world for your business that you customers will connect to.

Communications basics!


"All In"

When it comes to commercial product shoots, hiring a photographer with creativity is a must.


The right photographer can transform you or your product into a work of art and showcase it in a way that captures the essence of your brand.


While experience is important, creativity can often be just as valuable.


By working with a creative photographer, you can expect to get shots that are unique, visually appealing, and memorable.


So, if you're looking for a photographer for your next product shoot, even if that product is you, don't be afraid to consider someone with a lot of creativity, as they may just be the perfect fit for your needs.

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Your product under all of the lights.

Highdef headshotsAugust 26, 2022-17.jpg

Business shootings

Communicating about your professional life is an entire science.


Request the services of a photographer who will take the time to work with you on your image, with the accurate emotion, for your specific message.

Indoors or outdoors, compose your message with powerful images of yourself in your most attractive outfit!

Update your CV with a high definition image of yourself that you can be proud of.

As my work focuses on emotion, together, we will take the time to  look for the correct emotion to express and the way to express it as your body language is speaking for you.

Indoor or Outdoors ?

Corporate photography can be done both indoors and outdoors, and each has its own benefits.

Indoor corporate photography typically takes place in a controlled environment, such as a studio or office. The benefits of indoor corporate photography include:

  • Greater control over lighting and background, which can help to create a specific look or feel for the images

  • Ability to shoot in any weather conditions

  • Can be done in any time of the day

  • Greater privacy and security, as the location can be closed to the public

  • Greater control over the sound and temperature of the environment.


Outdoor corporate photography typically takes place in a natural or urban environment. The benefits of outdoor corporate photography include:

  • Ability to capture a sense of location and context for the images

  • Can be used to create a more natural or candid feel for the images

  • Greater variety of backgrounds and settings available

  • Can be done in natural light, which can create a more dynamic and interesting image

  • Can be used to create a sense of adventure and excitement


Both indoor and outdoor corporate photography have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice will depend on the specific needs and goals of the client.

Don't hesitate to reach out for a quote or some guidance in your communication.

Business Headshots

Highdef headshotsAugust 26, 2022-6.jpg
Highdef headshotsAugust 26, 2022.jpg
Highdef headshotsAugust 26, 2022-8.jpg


Corporate head shots are photographs that are typically used by businesses and organizations to represent their employees, executives, or other individuals associated with the company.


The goal of a corporate head shot is to create a professional and polished image that accurately represents the individual and the company. They are usually taken in a studio or in an office setting and the background is usually plain and simple to not divert attention from the subject.

Corporate head shots often have a more formal and serious tone than traditional portraits. They are usually taken in a way that is consistent with the company's branding and visual identity. The subject is typically dressed in business attire and is often photographed against a neutral background.


The expression and posture should convey professionalism, confidence, and approachability.

Corporate head shots are different from portraits in that portraits are more relaxed and candid, and the goal is to capture the subject's personality, mood, and emotions. Portraits often have a more creative and artistic approach and the background can be more complex.


They are usually taken in a more casual setting, like at a park or in a home and the subject may be dressed in more casual clothes.

In summary, corporate head shots are usually taken in a formal setting and are intended to represent the subject professionally, whereas portraits are more relaxed and intended to capture the subject's personality.

Professionalism, confidence, and approachability.

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