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Involuntary celibacy is the new terorism

Vulnerability is often seen as weakness, and often people wish they would feel invincible. In reality, vulnerability is often highly underrated because how else would you actually experience your capacity to be resilient? Vulnerability might make you feel like you are unsafe, especially in front of my camera, but in the end, I personally welcome it every time I shoot because I never know how the challenges I accept on my road will lead me to unexpected amazing results.

So in the end, the same way I experience vulnerability when I shoot, I train my models to do the same as they seek for the right pose, the right expression, or the right feeling to express from within. It might seem like an easy to thing to do, and maybe for you it is. But really most of the time, you don't have a giant camera capturing your emotions as they flow through you even if most of the time there is a certain intimacy to these shoots.

Also when I think about vulnerability, no one champions these ladies dealing with their own periods on a monthly basis. what do they get in return? an outstanding capacity to feel their way into life (not to mention that they welcome life through birth). Let me explain this so I make it clear to anyone reading this.

Women are extremely sensitive for generations from the beginning of times, and it serves so many purposes. One that I like to start with is the fact that no human being on earth would be there without the whole process women experience every month from within their bodies.

The art of being through that level of vulnerability is such an empowering experience that allows you to give life to an entire human race, while selflessly displaying unconditional love. Now of course its not all pink roses and dreamy days for women, but all in all its quite an impressive power to have, in exchange of the experience of high vulnerability levels. For me these periods are like changing colors on people that make them unique and special.

I mean it doesn't matter what mood you are when you come and attend a shooting, as long as you have the will to find and play with child like feelings. Needless to say, that in order to feel those, you need to allow yourself to connect with your emotional state, ask yourself how you are currently feeling and what you are capable of doing with those, by ways of channeling your own feelings or transforming them to express anything you like.

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